Summit Soft Consulting - Windows device driver consultants, kernel mode programming, NT internals, Windows driver model, Virtual device driver


Summit Soft Consulting is a Southern California-based consulting firm specializing in Microsoft Windows Device Driver, kernel mode / internals programming, application development and embedded development. On our web site you will find information about our consulting services and past projects. It is our hope that you will  find us to be competent team members in your next or current project. Enjoy your stay.

The Consulting Team.

Device drivers development
Most of our consultants are experienced windows device driver developers. We have implemented Windows device drivers for most of Microsoft's operating systems. Examples of implemented drivers are Windows Vista/XP/2000/9x WDM drivers, Windows Vista/XP USB drivers, Windows 95/98 VxD drivers, NDIS network drivers,  Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP printer drivers, Windows CE device drivers etc.

Past device driver projects. Windows application development
We are working with industry standard technologies like COM, SQL-Server, Visual C++, C#/.NET, Visual Basic, ATL, WIN32, MFC and ADO. We have access to all the latest development tools, operating systems, database servers and beta software supplied by Microsoft as part of the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) program. This helps us to create efficient and well designed  applications.

Past Windows application projects.

Embedded development
Because of a background in both hardware and software engineering we also have experience in real-time application development, Microprocessor-based hardware development (Intel, Motorola, Hitachi), FPGA Digital Design, analog hardware development, EDA/CAD software (Protel, OrCAD), and in assembly and C programming. If you are looking for a consultant that understands the whole picture all the way from the hardware, through the device-drivers up to the application level, we may be able to help you out.

Past embedded projects.